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Cecil acted like, and was, a celebrity before most of the world ever heard of him.  He was regal, and carried himself like royalty. I think there was a bit of a diva in him. None of the dozens of other lions we encountered in Zimbabwe or Botswana seemed to love the camera like Cecil did. We first heard of Cecil while heading off on our initial game drive in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe in August 2014. A really large, black-maned lion, older now, he had been chased out of his territory and had his pride taken over by a younger rival. Not content to sulk about at the edge of his former domain, Cecil teamed with another older male, Jericho, and they charged back in to reclaim his territory, vanquish his rival and win back the pride. Determination, teamwork, and never surrendering, never letting go of what was his. And he even gets the girl(s) back at the end. Totally Hollywood, and it was as if he knew it. We first saw him from about 60 or 70 meters away, lying in the grass, the cubs and some of the females behind him under heavy branch cover, one female […]

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Selfies for Cecil

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Cecil was a peaceful lion…

Cecil was a peaceful lion. We hope that the anger and outrage, and the global response fueled by his senseless killing will be a force for positive change. Rather than wishing ill on the individual who committed this horrific act, let’s all focus on ways to promote positive tourism to his home. We will be providing opportunities to donate to organizations involved in conservation and promoting the safety of Africa’s wildlife. Let’s ignore the dentist and what he did, karma will take care of that. Go to Zimbabwe and see the beautiful lions there and become a force for change. Cecil will not have died in vain if we act as a force for good and for change. Thank you.

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