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“Save the Lions – In Memory of Cecil” is a crowd funding effort that will donate 100% of any monies received directly to the Conservation & Wildlife Fund (“CWF”). Additionally, as part of the “Cecil Safari – Return to Zimbabwe” group trip, our travel partners at Exclusive Adventures will be making a $5,000 donation to the CWF to show their support for this educational trip back to Hwange. For more information on the CWF please see our post at here.

Hwange National Park is an important wildlife epicenter as well as an important overflow source of wildlife for adjoining community areas, parks like the Matetsi, Kazuma Pan National Park and further afield. As evidenced by the killing of Cecil and more recently, his son Xanda, Hwange National Park and its surrounding wilderness areas have major sustainability hurdles to overcome. The killing of Cecil is a symptom of a greater problem that needs serious attention before this famous wildlife region is depleted of its wildlife resources and the park’s foreign exchange earning & job creating potential are nullified. The focus of this initiative is to save Hwange’s key wildlife drawcards and in particular to conserve the wildlife that frequents and traverses Hwange’s unfenced boundary areas before it becomes depleted and it’s too late.

Wildlife numbers around the unfenced boundaries of many of Zimbabwe’s national parks have dropped drastically as a result of shrinking habitats and increasingly unsustainable hunting quotas. Hunting along Hwange’s park boundary is no longer an effective conservation tool as it is now contributing to the annihilation of wildlife around its periphery, thus in turn negatively impacting the heart of the park, while contributing very little to country’s fiscus, economy and jobs. Hunting today employs relatively few people (and only employs them seasonally) whilst not contributing to infrastructure development and community upliftment relative to the photo-safari industry and relative to the damage it causes.

We will keep a tally of the funds raised on Cecil’s Facebook page and website .

NOW AVAILABLE – Save the Lions – In Memory of Cecil

This very special series of shirts uses designs and artwork created by the members of Cecil The Lions Facebook Community in support of the #CecilLives campaign.

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Style 2: Save the Lions: In Memory of Cecil

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 Who are we?

Pamela Robinson is the owner of AdventuresCroatia ( ), a tour operator specializing in unique and customized culturally enriching travel experiences in Croatia and the Balkans. Mark Robinson, her husband is a commercial real estate broker. Both live in Southern California and are avid travelers and photographers. In August of 2014, during a trip to Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa they were fortunate enough to spend time with Cecil and his pride, photographing and videoing the lions.

Pamela’s video of Cecil walking from his lair to the Land Cruiser and then off into the sunset, while Mark is seen from behind taking photos at close range, has become the most viewed and iconic of all the Cecil videos. It has been featured on virtually every major news network and website’s coverage of Cecil’s death. Mark’s photos of Cecil from this trip often accompany the videos.

When you consider the global outrage over Cecil’s death, you can imagine how much that is compounded for those of us who were blessed enough to spend time with him, to be so close to him that you could hear him breathing, to watch him run and play with the females of the pride, his cubs, to see him with Jericho, the other old-timer who teamed with Cecil to run off their younger rival. The rage and devastation we felt at the horror of his killing created a drive to do SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

That drive is why you are here reading this.

That drive is why we are bold enough to ask anyone touched by the story of Cecil to do something too. Make a donation; it will get to the right place – 100% of it. Buy a T-Shirt, 100% of that will go towards making Zimbabwe a safer place for the lions too.   Just leave a comment on Cecil’s Facebook page or for those in the US go to  or and contact your representations to tell them to ban the import of trophy hunt kills. Contact your airline and tell them to stop the transport of trophy kills. We were looking at pictures of Cecil on our flight home while those in the row in front of us were showing off photos of the lion they killed. Who was likely in the cargo hold below us. $20 helps protect the lions Cecil left behind. $200 helps more. Being on this page says you care… or want to know who we are. Whatever you chose to do or not do, thank you for stopping by.

Thank you for your generosity and your expressions of concern for these beautiful animals. #CecilLives as long as we want him to.

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