By: Mark & Pamela Robinson As part of CecilTheLion.Org’s and the Cecil the Lion Facebook Community’s support of the animal conservation efforts of the students of Whitehall Elementary School, it has been Pamela and my privilege to bring five of the Project Cecil Rocks provided by Ms. Good along with us on each of the Cecil Safaris to Zimbabwe in 2017 and 2019. Many of you will remember and can now see the videos from the 2017 Cecil Safari, where the last of the five Project Cecil Rocks were placed by Brent and Oliver Stapelkamp in the exact spot that all nine of Cecil’s pride had been drinking. Brent was the Oxford based researcher who had named, collared and was researching Cecil when Cecil was slaughtered by an American hunter. Brent has become our friend and is a hero among conservationists. Shortly after placing the final rock where we hoped we could photograph it with Cecil’s pride when they came back down to drink, an elephant, panicking at the smell of the pride when the wind shifted, perma-stomped the rock into the mud, making sure it stayed in Cecil’s territory forever. Thus, the pride now owns the orange rock. Brent’s […]

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